HGT Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

The HGT in Barenbrug's HGT Kentucky bluegrass blend stands for Healthy Grass Technology. The varieties in this blend are bred to withstand diseases including rust and summer patch, as well as insects including white grubs. The featured variety, Barvette, gives this grass the unique ability to heal quickly after harsh play on any athletic field given reasonable growing conditions. This translates into needing to mow on a frequent schedule for best quality. The unique growth rate also keeps the weeds at bay. Here at Central Wisconsin Sod, it is the first of our bluegrass varieties to green up in the spring.

  • »  Light requirement: Full sun
  • »  Watering needs: 1" or more/week to stay green during hot months of summer
  • »  Standard Height of Cut (HOC): 1-1/4"
  • »  Also available in low mow 3/4" HOC

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