Young field - 50/50 blend
Young field - 50/50 blend

J5 Chewings/Slender Red Creeping Fescue Blend

This 50/50 fine fescue blend is a unique variety offered here at Central Wisconsin Sod. Truly, this fescue blend prefers to be left alone, making it an ideal choice for out-of-play areas within a golf course or park setting. If left unmowed, it will produce seed heads that bend and sway in a summer breeze! There are a few important things to know about this blend:

  • »  Light requirement: Full sun
  • »  It has very poor tolerance of traffic. In fact, It will die if traffic moves across it at temperatures over 75 degrees F.
  • »  It requires very little fertility. In fact, too much fertility significantly increases the instance of disease in this grass.
  • »  It may go dormant during the heat of summer, but it recovers beautifully after cooler fall temperatures arrive.
  • »  Standard Height of Cut (HOC): 2"