Soil Analysis

The soil at Central Wisconsin Sod farm is perfect for growing healthy sod with a vigorous root system. Soil analysis results follow:

  1. Bluegrass grown on sandy loam soil.
  2. Creeping Bentgrass grown on sands that meet USGA specifications.
  3. Infiltration rate of both of these samples is approximately 2-3 inches per hour at a saturated state.
  4. Material meets USGA specifications for Sand based Root zone Mixes.
  5. Material is very well drained when compared to other mineral type soils used for sod production.
  6. Material contains considerably less organic matter than peat based soils used for sod production.
  7. Sod harvested from this soil with the minimum amount of soil necessary would be better suited for applications over sand based root zones when compared to mineral or peat based soils.

Contact our office for more detailed specifications for each field.