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This colorful coleus combination is stunning.

Things Are Blooming Everywhere!

Poor Vicki. She takes care of the paperwork and the computers and generally never leaves the sheltered confines of the office. She laughs at the crew in January when they are bundled up tight and trudging through the snow to seed marigolds in house #1 and water baskets in house #44. She cringes as they plow through the muddy isles in the spring counting impatiens in house #6, then moving them to house #21. She sympathizes with them in the 85 degree heat and pouring down rain while they try to load a Penske truck stopping at all 60 greenhouses.

But today Vicki is jealous of them. The air is warming up, the sun is shining and everyone is talking about the gorgeous plants all around the farm. She has not seen them! So she's busting out and taking her camera with her and boy, is she finding some great stuff!

We have more than just Pansies. The Petunias are to die for also!

The long wait is over, the season has begun!