{ Annuals - Pots, Flats

Available in many sizes, varieties & colors, ANNUALS are our specialty! From Full Shade to Full Sun, ask us which varieties are available this season!


3 ½”

(18 pots/tray)


4 ½”

(12 pots/tray)


5 ½”

(8 pots/tray)



(6 pots/tray)





Herbs are great for aromatherapy & cooking.   They are easy to care for & can be grown indoors or outdoors in your garden. Ask us which varieties are available this season

Tender Perennials

Some of the most useful plants in the summer garden are tender perennials. Many of them provide abundant color for a long period of time but unfortunately they die when cold weather comes. Some examples we offer, are impatiens, coleus, petunia, and the common geranium (Pelargonium). A tender perennial will live year after year in warm climates but will die in a cold climate. Notice that no specific temperature has been mentioned; that is because the temperature can vary.

Tender Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses can make any lawn unique, and allow one to opt the level of care & maintenance they can provide.   Ornamental grasses add grace to any garden. With their array of colors, textures, and sizes, ornamental grasses add year-round interest. They even become animated when wind weaves in and out of their leaves. Ones’ imagination is the only limiting factor in the use in their garden. Whether as a specimen or a massed planting, grasses can be used for screening, accent, focal point, or to frame a view. Since grasses are found over the entire earth, you're certain to find a variety to suit your decorative and cultural needs