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Milwaukee Brewers Infield


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Robert Heath Farms teams up with the Milwaukee Brewers to try a new Low Mow Kentucky Bluegrass sod on their infield, and it is getting rave reveiws! Tired and unsatisfied with their current infield, the Brewers contacted us for better results. After testing the low mow sod in their nursery, they were sure it would work. In July of 2008 we harvested, delivered and installed a new and improved infield.


  1. Brewers try out a new infield
  2. By Don Walker
  3. Tuesday, Jul 15 2008, 03:09 PM
  4. When the Milwaukee Brewers return to Miller Park on July 25, they'll find new grass on the infield.
  5. Gary Vanden Berg, the team's chief groundskeeper, said Tuesday that the change to a new kind of bluegrass on the infield came about because players felt the ball "kind of skipped on them" from time to time.
  6. "The sod that was there had more clay content," Vanden Berg said.
  7. Looking for a softer alternative, Vanden Berg settled on a bluegrass that is grown on a sand base at the Robert Heath sod farm in Stevens Point.
  8. Vanden Berg purchased about 200 square yards of the new sod and planted it behind home plate for a test drive.
  9. "I thought the players, the coaches, (General Manager) Doug Melvin and (Assistant General Manager) Gord Ash could take a look at it, walk on it, feel it, get a real feel for it," Vanden Berg said. "Everybody just loved it."
  10. "It is definitely a softer grass," Vanden Berg added. "I think the hops will be softer and I think it's something the players will definitely like."
  11. The old infield was torn out on Sunday right after the afternoon game. By Tuesday afternoon, work crews were putting on the finishing touches on the new infield, which Vanden Berg said "looks like a pool table."