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42" Big Roll Harvester

Sod Harvesting

Small rolls are 24" x 54" and contain one square yard of sod. Each roll is cut to a standard thickness of ½." This depth can be changed as requested. Each roll weighs approximately 40 pounds and while there are 50 rolls on a pallet, if you only need a roll or two, give us a call! 

Big rolls are 42" x 65' and contain 25 square yards of sod. The length of the roll can be varied according to your needs. These rolls weigh about 1800 pounds and require a special three-point installer to handle them. If you have a large project and room for a tractor to operate, big rolls offer several advantages. The installation process is faster and there are fewer seams to heal, so typically the new sod is ready for use much sooner than when small rolls are used.